New week, new try.

Like most, my life is currently between bed, desk and possibly the kitchen. Banned from the lab by the pandemic, it's day after day of doing theory, writing code and attending conference calls fueled by a good cup of coffee. But like any good hacker/engineer, I have a not-so-secret afternoon life. Just in time for the end of the working day, I get out my gear to enjoy my passion. Is there a better feeling than when a measurement setup works? Unfortunately, my equipment is somewhat limiting.

My current project is still the low cost R-mode receiver I am building for my PhD thesis. Unfortunately my power supply has broken down. Luckily it was only a defect in the banana plug.

In the evening I can switch off and dream about testing my receivers with a signal generated in the EDU33212A, measuring my filters with the EDUX1052G and its bodeplot function. I don't have to worry about a low noise voltage supply of an LNA anymore, thanks to the EDU36311A. And I can finally record long measuring sequences of, for example, soil moisture with the EDU34450A.

So if you want to see a typical day in my life in fast motion, watch the video.


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