For the moment I occupy my attic while awaiting the realization of my final workshop. I am equipped with old devices bought second-hand that have been capricious for some time. I have spent more time troubleshooting my oscilloscope than the board I was working on. I mainly troubleshoot hi-fi cards and household appliance cards. I do this work because I wish to reduce, as much as I can, the waste by repairing devices which would have gone to recycling. I find it completely unacceptable to throw away a washing machine or a cooking hob just because the electronic card is too expensive to replace when it is possible to troubleshoot it. I would also like to start troubleshooting industrial cards. I also design electronic boards for various projects, mainly in the environment and management of an aquarium and vivarium. I am also passionate about old vacuum tube technology. I also do refurbishment of old TSF. I would be really happy to win this challenge because I would have reliable devices and therefore I could work more efficiently. This kind of device makes me dream. Here are the photos; it's not really designed as a work area but soon a dedicated room.


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