My laboratory consists of a few devices like an analog oscilloscope with function generator, bench power supply, soldering irons and UNI-T multimeters. I am a student of electronics and telecommunications. In my lab I am developing circuits with the newest circuits and solutions like USBC PD in line follower mobile robot. I am currently designing Jetson Nano shield with connectors for M.2 disk and PCIE cards (WiFi, GSM). This will be very challenging with my equipment to take proper measurements. If I win Smart Bench Essentials equipment I will know if everything is correct in my project. Moreover, during my studies due to the Covid virus I do all of the laboratories at home. We are working with simulations and computer designs, but we don't have any practical experience which I think is the most crucial part of the knowledge. With this sophisticated equipment I will do lots of experiments in my laboratory which should give additional experience.


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