I have been into RF since 2000 from amateur. Working as RF tech 4 years now, have university degree in RF, want to make the next jump. I solve equations in my spare time at work, tune cavity filters, solid state amplifiers, use a VNA all day. And design stuff by night such as mixers, PLL's, and bandpass filters using FR4 -- all in an attempt to further my career which I am lucky enough to share as a hobby. If I win one of these, rest assured it will be put to good use. I want to be the world's greatest RF designer one day, and I am not married, just to my RF job and passion. I live and breathe and think RF all day, and eat it too. I have my own mill, lathe, various computers and enough books to drive my mom crazy with all my messy rooms, books and electronic "junk" (her words ha ha ha). I had to design the garage workshop around two parked cars!!! How is that for commitment!!! All at my own expense too, a LABOR of LOVE, of all things RF!!!! I even attend all your webinars when not at work and went to a lot of seminars pre-Covid!!! 5G here we come!!! Transmission lines and partial differentials!!! YUM YUM!!! For LUNCH!!! Vector Calculus Maxell's Equations!!! Let's do this!!! Together we change the wireless world!!! I was experimenting with river flows trying to understand venturi flows in the freezing winter. Your equipment can help me construct accelerometer instrumentation to measure river current flows, separation zones and ice patterns, helping to understand local fluid flows. The reason I love fluid mechanics is RACING cars. I do my own computational fluid dynamics simulations. And OHHH yes FORMULA E!!! Electric racing. Can you imagine how much your smart essentials workbench can help me study inverters and motors for the future electric transportation grid? Fast amazing looking chic electric race cars beaming crazy 7G signals everywhere!!!


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