I am an EE student currently in my final year of my bachelors degree program. I have always had an affinity towards EE and started slowly collecting equipment for me to use which later turned into my lab which doubles as my bedroom. All the equipment I own was put together with what I saved from my pocket money that I used to get. Since I couldn't invest much money to buy furniture, I made the tables and furniture required for me. I call this the table of doom as for the past 3 years I have been working in power electronics and high voltage so the table has high voltage (up to 8kV) from my own DIY HV source and usually where I test all my high power converters, so high chances of failure. I have also created a perfect space for making PCBs for prototyping and for my friends. I have been working in designing inverters, split pi dc to dc converters for hybrid applications and so on. All the test equipment that I have acquired over the past 7 years has been based on need. Last year after saving a bit I got an Rigol DS1054 oscilloscope (cheapest I could find) after my second-hand analog oscilloscope failed. Right now I am planning to invest in a PSU or a good multimeter to ensure my measurements are accurate and testing is easy. I had the ability to use the facility in my college for testing my converters when better results were required but as my course is over it's not possible from now on. I am planning on creating a YouTube channel (ground work laid) so that I can share my experiences and tricks I found in power electronics, so others can learn from what I have done. Over the years I have made this into a perfect place for creating and testing and want to progress in creating a startup as an OEM for power converters for automotive industries and for utilities in managing the grid to ensure better grid performance and optimum grid utilization.


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