Hi, my name is Tim from the Netherlands.

I am a hobbyist interested in IoT and domotics. Unfortunately I don't really have a lot of equipment so now when I make a project it has to work on the first try and let me tell you a secret: it doesn't always go that way. So by now I have a nice bin with all the projects that don't work and I have no clue how to fix them because I don't know where it goes wrong. I only wish there was some device to see what goes on on my PCBs...

For example, I am working on a robotic lawnmower and everything works except that the perimeter wire is a bit unstable and I have no idea why. But if I had an oscilloscope I could look at the signal and see where it gets distorted and that's only one of my many uses.

As for my equipment, right now I only have a multimeter from the 19th century, a Fluke 3000FC but that one is from my work as an electrician that I do besides school, and an unreliable DIY power supply that keeps pumping 30v through my 3.3v systems so it has created lots of magic smoke over the years...

So I hope that you agree with me that I desperately need a bench upgrade if I want to go further in making electronics because if all goes well I may want to go to the lengths of manufacturing and selling my domotic system but then all the errors need to be worked out and let me tell you that's difficult if they keep blowing up.


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