As a kid I used to search the book stores for electronics books. Finding books and components was hard, but I was super excited when I managed to build an insanely loud amp. Later I found a book with sound effect circuits using 555 timers. I used to spend all day building them with parts scattered across my bedroom floor. The only tools I had were a soldering iron and a breadboard.

I graduated in electronics and worked to design data loggers for oceanography and then fuel pump dispensers. I never stopped building things in my room. I eventually started freelancing and built a long desk that would accommodate a growing set of tools. I got involved in medical projects and worked on things like x-ray controllers and Bluetooth motion sensors integrated with virtual reality games to help patients rehabilitate and manage pain. As a hobby, I also build things like MIDI controllers, guitar effects and lamps.

Things are getting serious now. I’m now with a startup and working on a project that will greatly help anaesthesiologists monitor their patients. We’ve started an office and are building a better equipped lab for this. But I imagine I’ll still be running a lot of experiments and tests from my room. I’ve gotten used to a workflow where I can even wake up in the middle of the night to try out new ideas or solve bugs. The pandemic makes it difficult to travel everyday to the office and I cannot carry equipment around.

My current tools include a HTC DM-97 and UNI-T UT61E multimeter, TENMA 72-8690A dual power supply, 25 MHz PC based oscilloscope, 24 MHz logic analyzer, hand tools, soldering irons and a hot air station. The PC based oscilloscope is my best tool but sometimes inadequate. I can move the extra monitor and printer to make room for better tools. The Keysight Smart Bench Essentials series would be a genuine upgrade for my humble desk and help me create better things.

So tempting!

Keysight, thank you for such initiatives.


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