This is my workbench. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I have used it for prototyping, PCB assembly, troubleshooting, and repairs. I have a U1272A with a U1115A remote display, a couple of other DMMs, a basic digital scope, and a single-channel power supply. I may not be as well-equipped as some of the other benches posted here, but a little creative problem-solving is fun! Certain projects have required a bit of ingenuity on my part. I've previously used an Arduino in place of a function generator to simulate and test a quadrature level shifter and I've built my own dual-channel constant-current supply using some LM317s. It's hard to justify buying new equipment when you're adept at making due with what you already have.

My workbench has enabled the development of several notable and worthwhile projects. One such project was a control system intended for low-temperature shipping and distribution of vaccines and similar temperature-sensitive goods (commonly known as the "cold chain"). Another project involves significantly reducing the idle time of large diesel engines, which involves monitoring many environmental and equipment parameters. Other projects involve eliminating diesel engines entirely, in favor of electrification.

I'm presently involved with the development of a green waste collection system, and I've been working on interfacing with CANbus and LIN on large trucks. I've used my basic scope to analyze vehicle traffic, but it was a bit of a chore without any kind of protocol analyzer built in. An upgraded scope would definitely improve my ability to monitor vehicle communications, as well as prototype and evaluate the hardware that I build to interface with those networks. A 3-channel power supply could really come in handy for prototyping those interfaces. A function generator would let me put my Arduino to better use. I've got plenty of meters now but a bench meter would definitely clean things up.

I love what I do, and I feel that I'm helping make a difference in the world. Would a new bench help make that difference? I say yes!


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