In the last few weeks I have presented the topic of my PhD thesis, how I want to combine Deep Learning with measurement devices and how I am progressing overall. This week I would like to present one of my past projects.

I contributed to large OO gauge layouts which youn can find here (German).

There we used the Loconet bus system for controlling the trains and I designed a versatile Loconet board, which I present in the video.

Everything was done by myself, the design and the production. In the end I made about 100 circuit boards. The most most difficult part was the drilling, because I had to do it by hand. Model trains was the area where I developed my technical skills, but it didn't stop there.

I even founded a start up around the basic idea and won a local pitch competition:

However, my Loconet center unit broke and I could not repair it due to the lack of equipment.

This was the first time I felt the limitations of my equipment. Anyway, my interest shifted to other technical problems and my studies. Now with Covid and in the middle of my PhD, I have the same problem again.

With the Bench Essential Units, I would be able to figure out the problem with my central unit, further design my PhD receiver and I could use them in my lectures/labs for students on top of that. Also, I would like to share the units with my friends, as I have never developed alone and most of them face similar problems and are as addicted to measuring units as I am. Playing around with the devices alone would generate a lot of project ideas. And my friends could be there remotely because of the network capability.


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