I love repairing all kind of electronics at my tightly packed workbench, squeezed into a corner of the tiny basement - surrounded by camping equipment, stockpiles of toilet paper (Corona! Panic!!!), and sorted out baby clothing. I got most of my equipment broken and managed to get it functional again, steadily extending my lab and capabilities.

Neighbors, colleagues, students, friends, and family ensure a steady stream of broken TVs, vintage electronics, radios, or some lab equipment (as in the images - guess what it is?) for me to have a look at and repair for them. When there are no bulged capacitors to change, broken traces to beep, or bus signals to probe, I'm happily researching and trying out new ideas related to robotics, IoT, horticulture, and also building audio equipment (amplifiers, effects/PA, loudspeakers...) for everyone with a passion for high fidelity.

My current challenges are

  • Space: Having less than a square meter available in a dark basement corner led to creative solutions for storing (e.g., Raaco boxes), stacking (e.g., soldering irons), lighting (e.g., customized gooseneck lamps and strips), and accessibility (e.g., wire and cable holder) so I can efficiently help everyone who wants to counter the throwaway mentality. Almost everything was chosen with its size (and cost) in mind...and the new Keysight EDU instruments would be PERFECT in that regard!
  • Time: I would love to start serious research in horticulture since surprisingly little is known about optimal growth conditions for plants (e.g., PPFD, cycles, spectrum, nutrients). But regulating growth conditions while monitoring plant stress (electrophysiology) and nutrients (electrical impedance spectroscopy) is very demanding with limited equipment. The ability to automate measurements and environmental controls would be a huge timesaver...and the new Keysight EDU instruments with BenchVue are PERFECT in that regard!

I hope you agree with me that the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series would be a great upgrade for my workbench! With those instruments, I could not only save more electronics from being thrown away, but also focus on research in the fields of horticulture - which (hopefully) will yield lots of insights to be shared with everyone!


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