Hi. My name is Kevin. I am a retired electronics technician. I consider myself to be a very lucky person having been paid to do what is basically my hobby. I also have my Amateur Radio Licence, call sign VK5KKS. Over the years I have had conversations with people who are studying the theory required to obtain their Amateur Radio Licence. They all seem to share the same problem, that is having no way to actually see the theory in action. As an example, reading about resonant circuits is one thing, but to see the behavior of a capacitor and inductor connected to a signal generator and oscilloscope makes the theory so much easier to understand. Using the oscilloscope to display distortion in an amplifier is great, but my 1980s oscilloscope, while a great instrument, is not capable of storing or saving the display. It also lacks the sophisticated triggering that modern oscilloscopes have. My signal generator is at least 35 years old and due for replacement, and my power supplies are all homemade units. In my retirement I would like to stay engaged with other folks and feel useful. I have been thinking seriously about teaching electronics and radio theory to anybody interested. Covid put a stop to that but as things get better the Covid restrictions are being lifted. We have a great community centre close to my home and enquiries have suggested that there are rooms available for small groups to gather in a classroom setting. If I could get my hands on modern test equipment such as the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials it would be a great improvement over the equipment I currently have. The Internet is a great resource but having people wiring up basic circuits and then investigating their behavior using modern test equipment in my opinion trumps watching videos, etc. It would be terrific if I had such equipment to replace my somewhat dated equipment.



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