Hello Keysight,

I am Benjamin B. Bacon - educator, researcher, engineer and scientist. Yes, I do all of those things plus music and art. My friends have started to label me a polymath, not that I know what that means exactly. I have been trying to contribute something useful to the world. Perhaps I am the only person who can do the things that I am trying to do. If so, mankind is ill-fated, because I have experienced the worst trend of setbacks anyone has heard of, and none of them are because of my actions. My project is the development of a new system of dynamics by extending the current technology used in propulsion for spacecraft. I fear if I do not complete this work in my lifetime, mankind will be falling behind by hundreds of years.

The video I have included describes one of my unique propulsion dynamics developments. The new dynamics I have started to develop will allow propulsion systems to be divided into two distinct categories:

  • Direct Inertia Propulsion that is used solely today, and my extension, Alternating Inertia Propulsion.
  • Alternating inertia propulsion is a closed loop propulsion system that does not expel mass, but instead circulates it to derive the momentum effects needed to translate the system.

My workbench was larger than it is now, but has been decimated by too many events that were not expected to occur. The electronics I had would have been enough to get through building a prototype. Instead I got what Robert Goddard got when he started his development of the liquid propellant rocket engine. High impedance and, much worse, robbery. I am starting to rebuild my workbench, but I have not been supported; yet I feel that I must continue to try to do the right things for the right reasons and help mankind improve as well as I can.

My goal is to build a laboratory populated with propulsion dynamics research equipment. I will create research data for publication and provide propulsion research and design services to any manufacturers who want to produce products using my research.


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