I'm a robotics engineer (in the making).

I did Fine Arts at uni, and 4 years ago I decided to do more with my life than just work long hours at the support desk.

My goals were to improve my English and to learn more about electronics, programming and home automation. I started to learn online after work. Every new thing I'd learned, I would write about on my web site. Soon after, I noticed people read what I share online.

After 4 years I felt confident enough to use that knowledge to apply for new jobs. I literally sent a CV with the link to my work online and a reference that I'm able to hold a steady job. I got hired by Labman Automation and I have been playing catch ever since.

Joining a company that builds bespoke automation was a dream come true, but also a dive into a deep end. In the first months, I worked on a Covid Sample Reformatter, and even though my contribution was minuscule, I felt like I'm doing something important. Every day, I'm asked to bring my best game to the table. I'd learn robotics at home using small servos, then try to put that practice to work and synchronize pneumatic systems and expensive robotics arms at work.

My desk reflects this journey. What started as a simple IKEA desk got chopped to pieces and upcycled into built by me Desk 1.0 with embedded ports, breadboard for prototyping, graphical tablet and more space to work on (or to make more creative mess on). As I'm running out of space again, I'm working on Desk 2.0. With a bigger working space, an embedded power supply and charging ports and hopefully space for more advanced equipment to dive into electronics more.

My next big personal project is a Zigbee based automation node that brings the most desired sensors in one device to automate your home space. My professional dream is to stop playing catch and start leading projects of my own. I hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams, as it's never too late.



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