My bench, if I can call it that, consists of my desk, where I have my laptop and monitor, and the rest of the free space is my "bench." On this desk, even if it is small, I soldered my first 2 wires and components to a PCB. I programmed my first microcontroller and also here I experienced my first "magic smoke" and how bad it is to make a short on 220v main voltage.

Usually my tools and equipments don't stay on the bench all the time since the space is limited and I also need to do engineering student things (like learning, doing homework, doing research on specific topics).

My equipment at this given moment are a soldering station that I trust, a multimeter that -- even if it is very imprecise sometimes -- helps me debug my circuits, an oscilloscope and function generator that even if they only are supposed to be used on audio electronics, they helped me understand my circuits.

My goal is to transform my "bench" into a tiny electronics lab where I can learn and develop new electronics circuits and products, but the challenge that stops me from achieving this goal is my student budget (which doesn't allow me to buy more precise and reliable equipment).

Even it is good or bad, that's my bench and I'll never forget that it kickstarted my adventure in the world of electronics.


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