With my mind I dream it, with my hands I build it, with my tools I test it and with my experience I teach it. My main goal is being myself and having a meaningful time on earth. I find my meaning in solving problems, building new things and being useful with my talents. Our wildest dreams can't come close to the dream of existing. Yet we are all here living the wildest dream. We exist. Nothing can top that so nothing I say can top that either :)

My name is Batuhan. I am 35 and I live in Germany. I graduated from fine arts/filmmaking and currently study mechatronics engineering. I am also a repair technician and a content creator on YouTube.

While I study filmmaking, I started working in a repair service and my electronics career started. But I don't want to stop there so this is why I study engineering now. My YouTube career started as a reaction to a very common problem. If a device needs repair the repair may cost more than the device :) I realized that I can make a change with my troubleshooting skills so I started teaching people how to troubleshoot electronics. I got very good feedback and my channel is growing.

My current project is an energy storage device. Last month I finally solved the main challenge of the design. I can finally start prototyping and I am very excited.

My bench and my tools are for electronics repair but since I started studying engineering I am in the realm of signals :) Which means that I need new equipment and I was already searching. My YouTube channel is growing and I need a benchtop studio so I will build myself one. Smartbench Essentials Challenge is a very meaningful coincidence in that respect. Fit right into my current needs.

This is all I could fit in using 350 words :) Thank you for your time and I wish everyone luck.



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