Hello there! I am John Porter and am applying to the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Challenge.

For a brief introduction of myself, I am the Court Technology Officer for the Alberta Courts. In this role I oversee Court and Courtroom technology in 72 courthouses throughout the province of Alberta. In all aspects of my career, I have been hands-on with technology, pressing capabilities, challenging processes and embracing new advancements. Naturally inquisitive, I am a top innovator and influencer for Court technologies and am recognized internationally in this field.

While I am now in a management role, my passion has always been getting my hands dirty with computers and electronics consistent with my formal education. I have a formal electronics education, numerous certificates and hold a designation as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Additionally, I am a reviewer with the Avnet Element14 Community forum. I would like the opportunity to showcase use of the Keysight SmartBench Essentials equipment in future reviews. A link to a recent review.

The Keysight Smart Bench setup has it all! I am keenly interested in features that I do not presently have. Most important is the integration of all four tools into one interface. This promises so much capability – as a computer nerd, I have been trying in vain to find ways to integrate the tools I have. Integration!

While I do love my Keysight Oscilloscope DSOX1102G, it does lack some features including integrated data management and analysis, network, BenchVue software, and advanced serial analysis. The EDUX1052G and Smart Bench package deliver!

The Keysight EDU34450A would make a great replacement for my legacy Fluke 8050A, providing superior accuracy, integration and what is this? Data logging?! The EDU33212A Arbitrary Waveform generator and EDU36311A triple output bench power supply will see daily use on projects.

I was incredibly pleased to see this opportunity, and as a current happy Keysight customer I look forward to a fully functional and complete Keysight bench - someday.

Thank you for considering my application! PS. the gecko is just one of my daughter's cute geckos. Also only 350 words is challenging!



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