Hello, my name is Rémi. I’m a French student in science of engineering.

I have always been fascinated by crafting, technology, computer science and electronics. In 2017 I started electronics, mostly for repairing old stuff given to me. I’m currently interested in having a better understanding of RF and more complicated electronic circuits but my barbaric equipment (as you will see in the video) only permits me to do basic stuff or burn every time I try something a little more complex.

My workbench is really bad because I can’t buy any expensive test gear. Every component of my equipment is from recuperation or DIY.

Having new test gear such as a scope or a function generator will help me go further in my repairs but even in my studies having a better understanding of the material surrounding me.

Thanks for your reading and all your actions across the Keysight University program!

Best regards,

Rémi Di Domenico

PS: Sorry for the language mistakes, I am trying to do my best to avoid them!


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