I designed and built my lab in 1997 from a shipping container. The idea at the time was an eventual departure for New Zealand, something I was unable to realize because of unexpected success in the development of a capillary pump technology including a license deal with the Coleman Corp. At the time my primary focus was in the area of advanced ceramics technology. After Coleman went through a sudden regurgitation at the hands of chainsaw Al my capillary pump endeavors rapidly morphed into a full scale venture funded industrial project. A little while later after the venture cretins executed their diabolical plots to excrete the founder I was left back at the beginning doing electronics and mechanical development. Electronics and mechanics has been something of a passion for me since I was about eight years old.

I have done some fun things with some of my best thinking inside my box. There is nothing like a good metal box to keep the bad vibrations out. Since the venture people left me I have developed and made an electronically controlled spiral insulation cable wrapper for superconducting magnets at Lawrence Berkeley lab. Also for LBL I designed and made a computer controlled magnet winder for an advanced light source wiggler magnet. Before this I did odd miscellaneous things like attempted mapping of the fireball temperature profile in a coal fired power plant. Another explored various designs for small hand held PEX crimpers, including hydraulic mechanisms for same.

Most recently I have designed many circuits generally using Microchip MX32 and MZ32 microcomputers. These have been for a company in Berkeley that specializes in bookbinding and related equipment and supplies. This lab in a box has been has been a fantastic investment and has proven to be a work environment for fostering creativity beyond anything I have ever seen or experienced anywhere else.


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