My name is Adrian, and this is my bench. I study electrical engineering here in Sweden, hopefully with a master’s in communication. My bench was only for tinkering before March last year, but now it doubles as my study place during the day and tinker space when school is done.

I find a lot of inspiration for my projects in my other interests, such as baking. To "aid" with baking sourdough bread I am in currently creating a kitchen timer that can both keep track of time and log every action to a database via MQTT (off course it has WiFi), with the goal to try and correlate proofing times with temperature, etc. All designed, created and etched by me.

As one can see the bench is sparsely populated with electronic equipment. The by far smartest equipment is a little bitscope (besides me ;) ), but it is tricky to use and not very intuitive, unfortunately. But at least I have great lighting and some old speakers to provide good vibes throughout the weeks. I and the positively minded would say there is room to expand!

Even though a set of good tools will not solve all the problem I have with my electronics design, I hope they could make me understand my errors and how not to implement them again. One common "feature" of my projects is a bad choice of power supply, this one key thing the equipment would help me learn and understand. For example, the timers power rail is not stable.

As any hobbyist, I have several projects in mind for what is coming next. Check the pictures for a concept sketch for one ;) . The day when schools let me take on this and other ideas, a proper set of easy-to-use smart equipment will help tremendously and make it even bigger bliss to create. Simply awesome to always have available.

Hope you have a good day and an even better week!


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