On my bench, I have:

  • TEKPOWER power supply with extra loud fan
  • Rigol 1054 scope
  • Uni-T DMM
  • Advanced energy monitor board for measuring low currents
  • Lots of various programmer boards

My goal:

I'm designing a potentially life saving solution based on RF indoor positioning of BLE 6. Unfortunately, I do not have any equipment for RF work, VNA, MSO, RSA, etc.

A dream would be to be able to verify and tune my design's antenna network and antennae as indoor positioning systems require an antenna array.

Here's the list of equipment on my wish list:

  • Digital Multimeter - 6 1/2 Digit Model# 34460A
  • 4200A-SCS-PK1
  • E-Field Probe 30Mhz - 3Ghz
  • CXA Signal Analyzer Model# N9000B
  • 33Ghz Oscilloscope 2 Channel/16Ghz 4 channel Model# MS0V334A
  • DC Power Analyzer Model# N6705C
  • DC Power Supply - 3 Channel Model# E36312A



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