Hello, I like doing Electronics and currently i am studying electronic engineering. I got into Electronics by seeing Arcs from a high voltage transformer contraption that my uncle built. so my Electronics lab tools that i use are => digital multimeter, LCR meter or transistor tester, 5 volt wall adapter and some snipping and cutting stuff.

My current project is making flip flops out of transistors to make an 8 bit computer using Ben Eater's videos and I am busy with my exams so it will take time and my next project is to make a simple switching power supply and I made a simple class A transistor amplifier that I couldn't understand even after reading so many online but then on YouTube i saw a w2aew video, where he explained class of amplifiers using oscilloscope, which was very intuitive and I got really happy and sad that I didn't have an oscilloscope to try it out myself, so an oscilloscope is the only tool that is really hard to own because lab psu and other meters can be built ourselves because that where we learn Electronics. So an oscilloscope would really step up the way you see Electronics in real life.

Recently I built a linear power supply, which is about 0-8 volts and 5 amps. In DMM the output is good but I couldn't see output ripple and noise. so I went to my cousin's home where he had an oscilloscope and he was kind enough to let me use the oscilloscope and when i saw the output it was really bad and I felt sad. So an oscilloscope would really help me in doing Electronics.


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