My name is Gene Jones. I am an engineering student and a father of 4. I am currently enrolled in TESU (I know, not the most prestigious school but It is what I can afford). I work full time and do some light consumer electronic repairs to help offset the cost of school.

Like many here I got started in electronics from a Radio Shack project kit. It is the same one my oldest son used and sparked his interest in the field. It was his enthusiasm and curiosity that gave me the push to go back to school to finish my degree, ironically a degree that was originally halted when I was younger because of family obligations.

Currently my home bench consists of repaired equipment that was given to me by friends and colleges that were not working at the time they were gifted to me. My “newest” acquisition is a MS9150 that was given to me by my neighbor, a former microwave technician. My oldest helped me with the repair, and he was able to test the voltages and traced a fault to pair of D718s that he tested and replaced. Still needs calibration but it works.

My sons are my motivation for everything in my world and for the moment their ability to learn and absorb information seems only limited my ability to teach them. (Hence the move towards finishing my engineering degree.) With any luck one of them will stay interested in the field and continue to build their knowledge and skills and become a talented engineer.


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