It's super organized but might look like a mess when working. Started with LED, and now am designing advanced stuff (power electronics integrated test benches for use in my university labs). On bench electronic load (50ish watts). A DIY power supply (a bit noisy but gets the job done!). A Data Acquisition Card (I don't have a scope, so tried building one instead ( but the software and signal integrity is giving me issues even though it only runs at 2MSPS. Not just this, a lot of stuff requires me observing signals, gate signals on my power electronics. This just is nowhere near enough the aggregate experience of engineers at Keysight building scopes inside-out.. I super dooper need a scope because I would like to make good power electronics for EVs and my custom multilevel converter which requires me staring at the scope for half a day to get the signaling right. My bench is filled with datasheet prints, ICs, components, completed projects, under work projects, DIY PCB making stuff, an old table light! And of course a hidden bin rather half a storeroom. Whatever I make I am essentially working in the dark for my newer projects based on FPGAs and high speed custom IoT devices. My DACard basic cannot see clarity, I am just dumping data over serial and loosing bandwidth and speed. A SCOPE, an oscilloscope is my need, it is the water that my projects need and the support that will give me a good night's sleep (but then again I might just as well stay up with my scope and work on my projects). I am currently working on a crude signal generator, a crude power supply, a good power electronics gate driver and closed loop controller, a TDR, a mic array and many other things. See the blue spot that is reserved for Keysight oscilloscope. So I conclude, a scope, a great piece of engineering from Keysight. I really need it, to develop next generation hardware for EVs, for test benches (actually just because I love staring at scope screens with squiggly lines moving on them!).


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