I work for a small company, and used to joke that my job title should actually be Software Department. For the past few years, it should also include Production Test Department. I've been working at home, using equipment from work. There hasn't been a lot of software development lately, but I've been doing all the acceptance testing of boards coming from the assembler, as well as debugging and minor rework of customer returns.

Last week, I acquired a secondhand workbench and moved the oscilloscope and power supply off of the small desk I've been using. I also have enough work area now that I don't have to solder on the dining room table. I'll be retiring this year, and I'm hoping to learn enough hardware engineering to start designing some of my own. There are things I've wanted to build that never fit in with the company's plans, and I never had the time before. It would be nice to have some equipment to replace the equipment from work.


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