Light is life; or in the Netherlands here we call it "Licht is Leven." That's likely the first thing you notice from my workbench as well. Light is quite literally the reason how our universe exists in the first place and now it also happens to be what is shaping our modern life.

To me as an engineer, light has never ceased to amaze me. Even after designing dozens of light-based products from as simple as for general illumination up to cancer-curing devices, I do still believe there are enormous potential of lights that has not yet been fully unlocked.

Light as an intelligent language is what now inspires me and where my time is mostly devoted. Intelligent language means the light itself "dances" and carries the data. In four-letters-word we call it LiFi. Similar to fiber optics communication but through free air or space. Imagine a WiFi but with light and it's RF free.

I'm the lead HW engineer in designing point-to-point LiFi product that goes beyond Gigabit speed and with network latency below 1ms. It's extremely secure as the signal is well contained within the room; just like a physical cable but wireless. For security reasons I decided to embed LiFI onto my workbench and workstation. Thus, I believe this is the world's first Gigabit LiFi connected workbench!

As depicted on the pictures, my workbench at home possesses sufficient soldering equipment, good PC, 3D printer, mechanical tooling, etc. However, when it comes to bench-top test equipment, it is certainly lacking. I'm in DESPERATE need of some upgrades at home to help me break through multi-gigabit barrier practical LiFi speed.

In particular, I need better multichannel PSU and DMM with temperature logging capability to verify my next round of PoE 802.3bt and multirail SMPS DCDC. Also a signal generator to help me verify the next-gen analog optical front-end board that handles OFDM signals. And lastly extra channels of an oscilloscope to complement me in dealing with the digital circuits i.e SGMII, 2.5G Ethernet, Serial.

Hope to hear some good news from you. 
Thanks, Keysight!

Pamungkas Sumasta


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