I'm a 19 YO embedded electronics student from Belgium. And am currently in my second year. My hobbies are electronics, lighting design, and life-saving.

My bench is a self-built wooden bench. on which I have mounted 5 screens because you just can't have enough. I use a Tektronix DPO scope that is lent to me until the pandemic is over, my trusty Ender 3V2, and my custom-built overhead LED light that's integrated with my home automation system.

My latest project is a modular power supply I'm designing. which will use a touchscreen and can in theory have up to 9 output channels, which I will be open-sourcing.

Some of my other projects are:

  • Open-source USB to DMX adaptor that I sell on my tindy or you can build yourself with the instructions on my web site: Nortle.be
  • DMX controlled RGBW LED light
  • DSP-based audio mixer
    and more


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