I am an electrical engineer, who is also a big-time DIYer who has a passion for technology and home improvement. Having a full-time job, and a family, there's very limited project time so I try to dedicate this time to smaller "show-piece" projects that are interesting, cool, and that I can display or use.

My current setup is simply a cheap switching supply, a modified PC power supply, a multimeter and a next-to-useless USB scope. I am now in the process of trying to upgrade to a "smarter" bench that allows me more space to work and to work more efficiently. The price of proper quality equipment is hard to afford for a not-for-profit hobby setup. Therefore, I build what I can (desk, shelves and power supply), and I am constantly in search of affordable equipment. A contest like this is absolutely amazing on top of some really good educational content.

A proper oscilloscope is on the top of my list as it will be the precision instrument at the core of my setup. It is absolutely essential for all the dev work, and will also serve as the reference benchmark to validate the none affordable equipment that I make.

I'm a loyal subscriber to various EE channels, maker channels and now the Keysight channel as well. Thanks for all the great content and the contest!


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