Lacking a dedicated space for my home workbench, I need a small stowage footprint; think "Murphy bed." Ambient lighting is minimal, so my workbench has its own: diffused on top (currently removed), spots for close work, all LEDs to minimize heat. Soldering is done elsewhere with special ventilation. Computer displays for both CAD and reference docs like spec sheets and manuals; I can't afford to waste workbench area on reading material. I'm continually redesigning the workbench, so machine bolts and angle iron make for quick and easy changes.

My product in development is eSASy: electronic Situational Awareness System. It's like Autonomous Driving, but without the driving. eSASy warns the driver of impending disaster from some other driver about to do something stupid, by analyzing that car's "body language," as in, "Hey, the way that blue T-Bird on the right keeps swerving left, I think he's about to cut you off."

Why Situational Awareness (SA) instead of simply Autonomous Driving? The heavy cars seem to be getting heavier, and the light cars lighter. Having enough information to keep well out of harm's way, not just braking before the collision, is the best way to avoid the light car spinning like a fabled Don Drysdale curve ball about to be hit out of the park by Ernie Banks.

Another reason for SA is that, in a Steve Jobs "People don't know what they want until you show it to them," manner, I just KNOW that once drivers see the advantages of SA, they will embrace it and just might start a renaissance of actually looking while driving, which promotes safety as well as an enlightening form of people-watching.

Anyway, a test equipment upgrade would go a long way to helping me meet my goal.

Thanks for listening,

Bob Fabish


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