I’m Alan.

My dad was an experimenter and when I was in grade school, I became interested in the things he did. One day when I was home from school because I was sick, he brought me a present. It was a Heathkit Voltmeter that started my adventure into electronics. Over the years I learned quite a bit from putting things together. One of the best things was visiting nearby surplus electronics shops. And to have a dad who was curious and supportive.

I’m an electronics geek. I love designing, building and repairing things. The kind who looks at Keysight equipment and thinks, “Oh, wow!”. I was educated in Electronics and spent time working professionally, but eventually "succumbed" to the software side. But I can’t get it out of me, so I still design, build and repair things.

This is my workshop. I can do quite a bit here and relax while soldering or tinkering. That really is a Heathkit Laboratory generator. (Yes, there are some missing knobs and the terminals are bent – but it works! And it’s my dad’s.) It’s amazing what you can do with a little ingenuity. Still, having a generator with a built-in frequency counter? (Oh, wow!) Or a really good variable power supply? (Oh, wow!) I’m looking for a good oscilloscope, because I'll need it for my next projects.

What would I do with some new lab equipment? I want to listen to Jupiter using a home-built LNA and converter. I’d like to restore my grandmother’s radio. And I’d like to restore one of my dad’s home-built (He put together every piece by component) computers – A SWTPC 6800. (I’ve got another for spare parts.) When I’m done with it, it and a few other classics will probably find a new home at the Computer History Museum so that others can enjoy them too.

And some days, I know that when I’m looking at all that neat equipment (thinking “Oh wow!”) some inspiration will come and my thoughts will lead me to something I couldn’t have built without it.


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