I am a 51 year old hobbyist who discovered electronics when I was forced into retirement at 43 after a 5-year battle and numerous operations on cervical and lumbar vertebrae. I have only 3 cervical left, the rest is bolted together, and the same for lumbar and some other joints.

Anyway I suddenly have a lot of time and no hobby because of health and money I had to quit my old hobbies and this is the time YouTube , EEVblog, Mister Carlson's Lab, and others inspired me and over these last 8 years I learned a lot and the bench had to evolve with me so I bought some used instruments from eBay.The first items I desperately wanted were a benchtop DMM and an oscilloscope, but as I live in Europe these used instruments are overpriced or in a poor state. In the US prices are a lot lower but I only could afford an analog oscilloscope as shipping and customs made the price more than double the unit.

So I bought a Tektronix 465B for $100 and $150 shipping and customs. But that unit has become a pain to keep running and needs a complete refurbishment, You can't use it for quick measurement as it needs a half hour to warm up, and for the projects i do now an analog scope is too slow, too limited and way too big. As I do more and more projects with 16 and 32 bit MCU's and learn to program I really could use a 4-channel digital one.

I am happy with the Fluke 8840A that was a good eBay find. The only instruments I bought new were a Siglent power supply and a Hakko 888 d in silver, not the typical blue yellow, and a DSLogic Plus logic analyzer. The center of the bench is my soldering place with a cheap microscope camera and an old laptop screen as the monitor. The old Dell XPS16 is my digital manual. I don't have a function generator aside from a cheap DIY FG085 DDS function generator. I want something that will last the rest of my lifetime.


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