I started working with electronics about 5-6 years ago. I have only a soldering station and small power supply and a bunch of simple components. Now i have a lot more and I think I found something that drives me to improve my skills and knowledge.

In my free time I like to repair broken electronic equipment. I think that repairing stuff is really nice for the environment and also let me discover how different thing works and I discover now "tips and tricks" in designing PCBs and the overall device. This also shows me what the crucial parts of design are and where i should put special care in my design.

Knowledge and practice let me do useful projects and test concepts and designs found on repaired equipment.

My second hobby is drone racing, in which I spend a lot of time in building and testing new things. In the picture there is a DIY signal receiver based on 2.4GHz LoRa modulation.

Building things and having the possibility to check and understand how they work and what the problems are makes the whole thing more interesting than ever before. Good quality test gear makes it super easy and allows everyone to see the beauty of electronics.


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