I'm an electronics enthusiast not because I'm an engineering student; I fell in love with electronics long before joining Engineering college. When I was a small kid I always wanted to buy one wireless remote controlled car but I didn't get a chance to buy one, but this thing motivated me to learn about electronics, robotics, tools, programming languages, etc. Initially I started to build logic with wires, then transistors, MOSFETs, relays, digital gates, microcontrollers, FPGAs, single board computers, etc.

My "WORKBENCH" is a small portable (affordable) one. I have few equipment and components but it supports most of my projects. For example, instead of a signal generator I can build my own signal generator with microcontrollers, power electronics, etc. I don't have an oscilloscope but I can analyze simple waveforms with signal normalizing circuit, microcontroller (built-in ADC) and computer. Most of the time learning can be done with basic fundamental things only. But for some of the power supply requirements, measurement & analysis my test bench fails because I don't have high end equipment. That's why I need a workbench upgrade. Along with these I have variety of sensors, actuators, electronic components (resistor, capacitor, transformers, switches, etc.), tools (soldering, PCB fabrication tools, drill, wire stripper, etc.), equipment (SMPS, multimeter, self-made DC power supply, self-made high voltage supply) and many more. For learning purpose, project work, earning purpose and for fun I use this test bench which fits in a backpack.

My mantra is learn, focus, create and grow. I'm interested in the testing field and I want to become an Embedded Test Engineer in my future. Not every field is easy or difficult, we can find challenges everywhere but respect, love and persistence towards the work will makes it a lot easier. My interest towards electronics, embedded systems, programming and testing will definitely help me to reach the goal.

My recent project are related to high voltage because recently I fell in love with the inventions of Nicola Tesla and I have attached a YouTube link for the same.


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