Hi, I'm Tim,

I started electronics back at art school as a way to blink some LEDs...well...it's become a pretty big hobby. I've been tinkering whenever an idea pops into my head. Most recently I wanted to make a WIFI piggy-bank using a vending machine bill collector.

Before low cost PCBs were a thing, I convinced myself I needed to build a CNC router to mill custom circuit boards for prototypes. Well now that prototypes cost less than $25 with a 1-week turn-around, this mill has turned into another horizontal surface for storage, please don't judge :)

As my skills get more advanced, so do the ambitions of my projects. My next project is to prototype some NFC readers for contactless authentication. As these projects become more advanced I find myself needing more gear to build and test...and most importantly debug them.

Thanks for reading!



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