Hi, I work in IT primarily, however I use my evenings to design and build hobby computers which I aim to make Open Source, while also selling kits on sites like Tindie.

I work with discreet logic chips, Microcontrollers and FPGA's (Altera). My aim is to design and build a modular computer design that can be modified as needed, and can be built using opens source PCB designs, or implemented in Verilog on an FPGA.

My bench is pretty basic. I have a cheap chinese Logic Analyzer, a cheap DMM and bench psu, Solder and rework station. And then a small supply of components and Dev boards. (Plus a laptop.)

The piece of kit I am most after is a decent oscilloscope. Building circuits for VGA and composite becomes a bit difficult without something to verify and troubleshoot the timings, etc. As soon as it passes into the analog domain, My cheapo logic analyzer becomes a lot less useful.


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