For a few years I have been developing an open source force feedback system (Open FFBoard: and many other open source and hobby projects in my free time.

This often involves custom digital circuits, embedded firmware development and power electronics as the project consists of a custom servo motor driver and also a microcontroller board with different interfaces to talk to the wildest DIY setups made in custom simulators.

Over 10 years of many DIY projects from interactive floppymusic, RC stuff, 3D printing, power supplies, different iterations of custom motor drivers, input devices and finally the FFBoard came from my workbench(es).

But something is missing there... quality test equipment!

Working on open source projects as a hobby means budget is limited and therefore also access to test equipment.

Basic power supply modules made from server power supplies, simple multimeters and a vds1022i scope are what I've been using for development for a long time.

It all kind of does the job and fits my DIY approach but access to quality oscilloscopes with deep storage, higher bandwidth and protocol decoding as well as better lab power supplies would help a lot and make development easier.

Videos of my projects on YouTube:


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