My main desire at the moment is a functional arbitrary waveform generator. I decided that with Keysight University Live being this week, that I'd have another crack at setting up a testbed to do some playing around with an old W6502 processor. Lacking the will to setup a 555 timer, I figured I'd try this function generator kit off of Amazon, however no luck. I believe the I used the wrong capacitors, and I can't get any low frequency out of it to act as human-perceptible clock pulses. I'd love to have an oscilloscope to determine the actual behaviour of the output, and a reliable function generator to compare it to. My expertise lies firmly on the digital side of electronics (mostly processor architecture), but my recent exposure to the world of low voltage, analog test equipment has me fascinated. I'm looking forward to my upcoming electrical engineering classes in order to build a much more solid understanding of the fundamentals, so I would very much like to get some test equipment on my bench at home for my own learning.


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