Greetings from Romania!

I found out about this event in a YouTube ad, and I'm a young electronics experimenter from Eastern Europe. Although I have no hope of receiving anything, I still signed up (I also signed up for other events like this and I didn't manage to receive anything, probably because I'm from Eastern Europe). My electronics workshop is for multiple purposes: study,, school projects, design, assembly tests, build projects, surf the internet PC. I build electronic and analog circuits on test PCBs, breadboards, but I aim to make real PCBs, basic programming on microcontrollers. As electronic tools I use only a soldering station, a small power supply with LM317T, and a DMM, all affordable.

As you can see in the first picture I sent you, I made a case for a module with LM317T (adjustable power supply, which can go up to 12Vdc). This source has enough shortcomings, on the built-in voltmeter you cannot see any voltage lower than ~ 4.8-5V (it is a cheap module and probably that's why).

In the second picture you can see a school project, a mini weather station that works in real time with Arduino Uno, made by me with simple and cheap electronic modules (the software is made by me): DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor , RTC DS3231, an ON-OFF button and an LCD display that communicates with the Arduino via I2C.

In the third picture I have another school project, the manual control of a direct current motor by adjusting the filling factor (PWM), with Arduino Uno, L298n motor driver, I displayed the filling factor on LCD (the program is all done by me).

The circuits I made on the test PCBs are not very successful, that's why I didn't attach any pictures with them. I'm not active on social networks but I uploaded a video for you, URL from a demo video with a project of mine.

Due to the time zone change I might miss the LIVE shows, but I will try to be up to date with your events.

Have a nice day!

Stay safe!


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