My workbench currently consists of cheap tools from China and many off the shelf components from Amazon and eBay. My obsession with engineering started as a kid when I realized I loved building and fixing things. Whenever I did not understand how something worked I would ask questions or look it up on my own. My electronics hobby started in 10th grade of high school when I found myself taking a digital electronics class. I took the class because in previous years I tried to take as many engineering classes as possible because I knew I wanted to go that route. From there I dove into watching YouTube videos and buying up my own discrete components to tinker with, as well as a $12 DMM from Amazon. From there everything grew, my tools, my stockpile of components. When I needed a certain component for a project I would just order a variety of them to future-proof my supply. Now in college, I am studying electrical engineering and my classes are going great. I want to work for aerospace (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing), automotive (GM, Ford), or speakers (Yamaha, JBL, or Bose). Currently my workbench is missing the expensive test instruments I cannot afford as a college student. In my future of university I see the need of hand-creating more complicated projects to succeed in academics and my overall understand of electronics. The tools I could win here will benefit me greatly in school, life and overall motivation to pursue my dream.


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