For my final year project (2016-2020), I was trying to create a PC based multi function meter (I don't know if that's the right name), using NI USB-6008. With all hardware available in the university lab, I was making some progress in the project. But due to the lockdown, all hardware, even the software license, was out of my reach; I even had to shift to a different location. I unfortunately had to leave the project unfinished.

Also, all of my equipment is in my old house, yet to bring it here, which includes: solder kit, Vernier Caliper, Multimeter, Arduino kit, Handheld Power tools, 7W led bulb Complete assembly kit (to make roughly 50 bulbs) and scraps.

Now, I am trying to learn in-depth theory of electrical and electronics engineering to get a secure job. However, I feel a need to understand the practical response of every piece of equipment/machine. However, due to the lockdown, I can't buy any costly equipment. So, I had to order DSO138, because I only need very a low level setup for this year (I know these are very cheap and not so useful). For this year, my primary focus would be to understand characteristics and applications of a wide range of non-linear devices. Plus, to grasp the usefulness of a control system with physical circuits (I can understand control systems when it comes to block diagrams and stability analysis, etc., but not the correlation of complex transfer functions with their circuits).


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