The workbench doesn't win any prizes (I hope I don't jinx myself now :D ) for its looks. However, it is the place where I can immerse fully into my hobby of electronics and very easily forget about the daily duties outside of this room. Not many tools here are first hand and furthermore I have managed to use the minimal amount of equipment to bring back to life some more powerful tools to further assist me in my thirst for knowledge. I am very curious about restoring older electronic equipment out of which the main test equipment has also emerged.

The use of older equipment is inevitable as a starting point for me as it does bring down the cost, with the slightly unfortunate limitations of space (that in turn gets countered the fortunate byproduct of hear - very useful here in Ireland to counter the wet and cold weather :). At the same time using (mostly) the old tools has given me the chance to learn how the new modern tools are designed and meant to be used.

One other thing that may look confusing is that despite the cluttered appearance the workbench gets quickly modified to match the needs of any particular project - the biggest one was to get my only oscilloscope (an old 2215A) to work using only a DMM and internet. In the end I realized the Delay Time Position knob was completely disconnected but with all else revived as well as I could wish :D. A MUCH smarter oscilloscope is the next goal.

My next slow mission is to carefully put together some "homebrew" test gear to start restoration of an old radio communication receiver (Racal 17) and to further learn about radio communications and audio amplifiers (both tube and solid state). The good thing I find with electronics is that there is so much to learn and I feel it is as much of a companion as it is a learning subject, especially during these odd times.

Now the thoughts here may seem a bit scattered but it matches the workbench at least :D


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