Currently my workbench is a simple 30MHz analog Oscilloscope, cheap multimeter, a home made adjustable power supply, and a home made waveform generator. Using this simple bench set-up I was able to characterize/reverse engineer an old motorized wheelchair so that I could make it controllable by a wireless EEG headset. This headset connects to the chair through Bluetooth and I have a microcontroller taking that input to control the motion of the wheelchair. Currently my goals involve getting more involved with high speed RF analog designs. I am working on a challenging project to make a non-reflective protection device that will protect the input of a scope while maintaining input impedance so that it reduces reflections in other channels. This is due to issues with overdriven scope channels I have experience with. Being able to upgrade all my equipment would mean the world to me to continue to hone my engineering skills and experiments with complex circuit designs.


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